Steiner’s 10×42 Ranger LRF binoculars offer the latest, modern construction technologies and innovative design to bring perfect handling in wet or cold weather to shooters alongside a range of features.

Offered via top UK distributor GMK, they are said to boast best-in-class display brightness, thanks to their incredible contrast and optical performance, while the integrated interface can be adjusted according to the environmental situation.

The Scan Mode Scan Mode allows a continuous scan even at longer distances where the game is moving, to measure the distance as accurately as possible. 

As an additional feature for ambitious shooters, an inclinometer is integrated in the Ranger LRF. The Rangefinder displays the ballistic distance (yard/metre) or angle observed in various modes. Especially for shots which are uphill/downhill this is a strong advantage to calculate a precise bullet trajectory.

Naturally, these binoculars are also extremely rugged and durable. The use of an aluminium housing allows a robust and reliable construction, which achieves an impact resistance of up to 11G.

The Steiner nitrogen filling with two-way-valve system prevents fogging of the optics and perfectly seals the binocular to guarantee crystal-clear

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