“Airsoft Experience moves indoors for 2018!”


Now into it’s third year the decision has been taken to move the Airsoft Experience into it’s own indoor setting making it a more integral part of the Northern Shooting Show.

We have over 5,500sq m’s purely dedicated to airsoft. Last year’s area was a big hit and introduced Airsoft to the wider real steel community along with being a one stop shop for Airsofters with their favourite brands and retailers being in one place. We have leading manufacturers, distributors & retailers of all airsoft equipment and specialist clothing confirmed attending, along with having plenty of opportunities to ‘have a go’ & enter competitions on our interactive ranges. Including our CQB/hostage rescue demo and have a go area Action Air & 3gun challenge.

Action Air is the fastest growing aspect of practical shooting in the UK, combining the discipline, gun safety, speed and accuracy required for 9mm and .45 handgun shooting with the decreased risks and costs offered by airsoft, plus of course its legal in the UK. We are pleased to announce that Mark Farrar and ‘The Mill’ team along with Mike Cripps at Elite shooting & Northern Practical Pistol Club will be on hand to demonstrate the sport and help anyone who wants to ‘have a go’ on their range.

The competition will have a mix of short, medium and long courses of fire, each one designed to test a different aspect of the shooters ability, with each shooter compared by their hit factor (total score divided by time in seconds). This is already looking like it’s going to be a busy attraction!

Mark will also be holding a first to the show – a huge 3 gun competition! There will be a close viewing area there to let visitors get up close to this exciting fast paced discipline.

A new feature this year is a CQB/Hostage Rescue scenario run by the team at Calibre Shooting that anyone can try out. Amateurs will be given a safety brief and lesson about room clearance and tactics then given body armour and safety kit and weapons and let loose to see if they can take out the terrorists and bring back the hostage. For experienced players you can bring your own kit or borrow it on the day. Beware though the action will be ramped up for you!

Exhibitors so far include; Ammo Drop, Airsoft Action, Elite Shooting, Redwolf, Fubar Bundy, First & Only, Viper Tactical, ASG, Halo Mill, Landwarrior Airsoft, GI SPortz, MR Military, Nuprol, Military Patrol, Cannae, UKPSA & Tippman sports. More will be officially added very shortly.

For your ‘Early Bird’ £12 day ticket show we promise you will get your money’s worth.

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