Falconry is one of the oldest (2000 years and counting) and thus the longest surviving of all field sports; its inclusion by UNESCO as being of ‘intangible cultural heritage’ is one falconers are exceptionally proud of.

Falconry is a popular part of The National Shooting Show, and whether you are an experienced falconer or simply want to see these majestic birds up close, this is an area not to be missed.

At our 2024 show, Alistair Leese at Hawkeye Falconry UK, will be running the Falconry with breathtaking displays that have become much-admired at many prestigious events. Hawkeye Falconry comprises of 30 raptors, inclusive of owls, hawks, falcons and eagles which are cared for at the highest of standards.

Please note that the birds will be flown in a safe environment, away from live fire at The National Shooting Show.