Good gun fit is key for all shooters, no matter what their age.

But going out in the field with a gun that’s comfortable to use is particularly important for Young Shots. Low recoil and good fit should be a priority for protecting young musculoskeletal systems. In addition, carrying a lighter gun on a shoot day is less tiring, particularly when walking miles through fields.

So we were interested to hear about young Sophia Stanley’s journey. She was recently presented with a junior lightweight, ultra low recoil 20-bore shotgun  by Manor & Co Gun and Rifle Makers, where she is a sponsored Young Shot.

Sophia visited West London Shooting School where she met Mark Heath, an expert in gun fit and a qualified shooting instructor, who has taught many Young Shots in his time.

Manor & Co then created a bespoke shotgun for her and say: “Sophia will be an excellent ambassador for both clay and sustainable game shooting, alongside our other sponsored shots and young shots. She is showing enormous potential.”

Bespoke guns for your Young Shot

If you have a Young Shot you’d like to support in their shooting journey, talk to Manor & Co who are exhibiting at The National Shooting Show. Their junior, fully bespoke, lightweight, over-and-under shotguns are £6000 plus VAT, with a discount for purchasing parents/guardians who are members of BASC, the GWCT or The Country Girls Club UK.

The law on buying a shotgun for a Young Shot

15-17 years of age

BASC says: “Between 15 and 17, with a certificate, you may be given or lent a shotgun (and cartridges) for up to 72 hours by another certificate holder and use them on private premises without supervision. Making a gift of a shotgun requires an adult (18 or older) to follow the instructions on his/her shotgun certificate. In practice this means conducting a full transfer of the shotgun by making an entry in table two of the young recipient’s certificate stating the word “gift” in the relevant box.

“Both the person giving and receiving the shotgun must then inform their own police licensing departments of the transaction within seven days by recorded delivery or by email to the email address designated by the issuing authority.”

Under 15 years of age

 You may not purchase, hire, or be gifted a shotgun or ammunition.