The Country Food Trust

Are once again The Official Charity of The Game Fair; something that they are both incredibly proud of and very grateful for.

The Country Food Trust

As a food poverty charity, their main goal is to raise funds to provide high protein nutritious meals to those in need. They distribute these meals to foodbanks for further distribution to those who require them. They also donate raw meat to community kitchens and larger foodbanks that have relevant storage and cooking facilities.

The meals are created at a specialist food manufacturer, and are high in protein, low in fat, and free of additives. They are available in two forms:

1. Single, ready-to-use retort pouches that don’t require refrigeration and have a one-year shelf life from manufacture.
2. Catering packs for charities that feed a large number of people at once.

We are committed to providing nutritious meals to those in need and supporting communities in need of assistance, our products include:

The Country Casserole – a nutritious and warming pheasant casserole
The Country Curry – a mildly spicy pheasant curry
The Country Bolognese – a rich and tasty venison ragu

The charity is funded by individuals, companies, shoots, trusts and other charitable organisations.