The Game Fair’s Shooting Line has become a staple feature of the show site for many years. Run by world famous shooting ground and sporting agency, E.J. Churchill, it allows our visitors the opportunity to have a mid-summer shoot out with competitions, Have-a-Go stands and demonstrations. We boast Europe’s Longest Shooting Line – plenty of room for the whole family to get involved with this historical country sport. Fibre wad cartridges only please.

  • Ear and Eye protection must be worn on the shooting line at all times
  • The wearing of hats while on the shooting line is advised
  • Shooting under the influence of alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited
  • Loaded guns must never be carried around the Shooting Line. All guns must be enclosed in a slip or broken with chambers empty and semi autos must display a warning flag
  • Do not cross any rope or safety barriers
  • Strictly fibre wad cartridges only, maximum 28g 7s
  • The referees’ decision is final
  • Bullying or abuse of the referees will not be tolerated
  • Any challenges relating to a referee’s decision must be made at the time
  • Simultaneous pairs will be shot as ‘pair again nothing established’ in the event of a no bird
  • On report pairs will be shot as ‘first bird established, pair again’ in the event of no bird
  • Scorecards must be handed in at the specified time each day
  • Shooters must be ready to shoot when their name is called
  • Persons are responsible for the safekeeping of personal property at all times
  • The Game Fair/E. J. Churchill/BASC/CPSA has the right to refuse entry to a competition/shooting event or access to the Shooting Line in the interest of safety or if there is a valid reason to do so
  • All Game Fair and shooting line staff must be treated with respect at all time
  • The Game Fair organisers will not take responsibility for the loss or mislaying of personal items
  • Gun storage is available during the day only

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