One of the great things for gun buyers at The National Shooting Show is that you can try your potential purchase on an outdoor range.

Many buyers come in search of air rifles and if that sounds like you, then you’ll find plenty of choice available, whether you’re looking for a spring-powered or PCP air rifle, the latest air rifle on the market or a decent second-hand air rifle.

There are plenty of experts on hand to help you make the right decision. But there are also laws that air rifle owners must follow in the UK.

Air rifle laws

  1. Air rifles and ammunition must not be sold to anybody under 18.
  2. Airguns must be stored securely and out of sight when under-18s are present.
  3. Owners of airguns must prevent under 18’s gaining unauthorised access
  4. Airgun ammunition should be stored separately from airguns
  5. Store air rifles should be stored in a lockable cupboard of gun cabinet.
  6. Cabinet keys must be stored separately in a secure place
  7. Scottish airgun owners need an Air Weapon certificate to purchase, own or use an air rifle.
  8. Airguns with a muzzle energy of more than 12ft/lbs can only be held on a firearm certificate.
  9. Section 23(3) of the Firearms Act 1968 allows use of air rifles by those over the age of 14 but under 18, on private land where the person has permission to shoot.
  10. An air rifle or ammunition cannot be bought, hired or received as a gift by anybody under 18.

Other air rifle knowledge to know

  • When using an air rifle be careful of boundaries. If a pellet goes beyond the premises you are permitted to shoot in, an offence takes place.
  • In a public place keep an air rifle in a gun slip, unloaded and not cocked
  • Never leave an air rifle unattended
  • Never point an air rifle at anybody
  • Always treat an air rifle as if it were loaded
  • Do not load an airgun until you are ready to fire
  • Never fire an air rifle unless the shot is safe