Ever fancied trying your hand at shooting black powder? Well, now you can at The National Shooting Show.

Sheffield Muzzle Loaders and Gun Club will be at the Show offering visitors a unique experience of bygone days on the Clayline¬†at their stand. It’s your chance to try out flintlock and percussion shotguns.

Karren Browse, police liaison office for Sheffield Muzzle Loaders explains: “We can adapt our loads to give people the opportunity to experience black powder shooting at its best. We can also cater for the younger visitors who want to have a go.

“Visitors to our stand can also experience the loading and firing of our signal cannon, which is a very popular event.”

Simon Reinhold, specialist game shooting coach, writer on firearms and head of operations for Holts Auctioneers, comments: “Black powder muzzle-loading is loud, smoky, dirty and slightly addictive.”

black powder shooting

Black powder muzzle-loading is loud, smoky, dirty and slightly addictive.

Fifty plus years of black powder

Sheffield Muzzle Loaders and Gun Club was founded over 50 years ago and is part of the Muzzle Loaders Association of Great Britain (MLAGB).

Past and present members have represented Great Britain in black powder muzzle loading competitions. A number of members are black powder enthusiasts and collectors, who play an important part in preserving the history of guns.

Black powder clay pigeon shooting

If you fancy trying your hand at black powder clay pigeon shooting, the club invites you to join them on the first Sunday of every month (weather depending) from 10.30am. You will need to give a week’s notice and book ahead by contacting Russ Barnes on 07467194369 or by email at [email protected].

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