Witnessing and experiencing the latest launches and innovations in shooting sports, there’s nowhere quite like the National Shooting Show (NSS) for seeing what’s happening and speaking with experts. It is a congregation of shooting enthusiasts, industry professionals, and aficionados. It also boasts the longest outdoor shooting line in the UK, allowing visitors to try equipment out before buying.

Leading brands

So, the announcement that Viking Arms, distributors of firearms and shooting accessories for leading brands, will be there is sure to generate even more excitement. Viking represents a portfolio of renowned names including: Ruger, Merkel, Jaeger, Henry, Mossberg, Marlin, Henry, Savage, Castellani, Leupold, Lapua, Magtech, Sellier & Bellot, SK, Remington, Federal, CCI, Streamlight, GK Industries, ProShot Products, and Vudu. It will be showcasing all of its premium brands at the event, a testament to its diverse portfolio and ability to meet the varied needs of their clientele.

What’s new from Viking Arms in 2024?

Get your hands on the brand new Leupold Mark 4HD Riflescope at the National Shooting Show. The Leupold Mark 4HD Riflescope series represents a significant leap forward in rifle scope technology, combining precision, adaptability, and affordability. Whether you’re a tactical shooter or a long-range enthusiast, the Mark 4HD series is engineered to perfect your shooting experience.

New Ruger American Gen 2

Talk to the Viking Arms team about the latest products from Ruger in 2024. The expert team will be on hand to discuss the new Ruger Ranch Gen 2 and the Ruger American Gen 2, some of the best priced mid-weight rifles to hit the UK market.

Cutting-edge firearms and shooting accessories

Visitors to the Viking Arms booth will be met by innovation and quality and enjoy the experience of delving into a showcase of cutting-edge firearms and shooting accessories. Representatives from the company will be on hand to engage with attendees. It’s an opportunity for enthusiasts and professionals alike to explore an extensive product range.

Savage 110 Precision

Contributing to the shooting sports community

Beyond products and brands, the company is keen to contribute to the shooting sports community and advance the industry. Events such as the NSS (formerly the Northern Shooting Show) foster connections, advance the industry and allow all enthusiasts to share knowledge.

A full guide to the brands and products Viking Arms offers can be found here.

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