Game proved so popular when it was served at the Emirates Stadium for the first time that it sold out 10 minutes before kick-off.

Serving game to spectators of the beautiful game was obviously a back of the net shot. But what’s the back story?

Things kicked off when Eat Wild, the UK development board for wild meat, invited Delaware North, hospitality provider for Emirates Stadium and the London Stadium, to an estate in Warwickshire, where the invitees were educated about rearing and harvesting wild meat and its multiple benefits.

As a result, Delaware North put wild meat on the menu of hospitality boxes at the the two stadiums, where it was hungrily received.

At Emirates, most people served opted for the venison dish that was offered and at the London Stadium, the dish was particularly enjoyed by those who had not had venison before.

David Holder, Head Chef of Culinary, Emirates Stadium, said: “It was a refreshing experience to produce a ‘trio of venison’ menu for the directors.” Gary Foakes, Executive Head Chef, London Stadium said: “We were thrilled for the whole team to be working with some amazing wild, local and sustainable product.”

Match fit

Leon Challis-Davies, Culinary Director at Eat Wild said “Wild meat is not only healthier, but it’s also more sustainable than what we consume from our current meat-producing sector. It’s much more flavoursome too. Our mission is to introduce more people to the wonderful world of wild British meat, and to see it placed on the menus of these hugely popular stadiums really is a huge success.”

Louisa Clutterbuck, CEO of Eat Wild added: “We’ve opened the door to a new avenue for game and are looking forward to developing its trajectory in this space and beyond, so that even more people can be introduced to the many benefits of eating wild meat.”

You can find a list of wild meat stockists here.